Porcelain stoneware slabs

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GIGACER produces large 120X250 ceramic slabs characterized by the high quality of the design and materials.

Our range. A unique style.

GIGACER offers an astonishing range of sized, thicknesses and natural colours to design any type of surface: floors and linings, residential and commercial spaces, indoor and outdoor, furniture, ventilated facades and swimming pools. A ductile tool full of solutions for the architectural project.

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Exhibition and Events

Gigacer Lab Paris 2021

Giga Lab Paris, a place dedicated to design.From 18 January to 30 June, you can see and touchall our novelties in the heart of Paris.

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Exhibition and Events

Architect@Work Vienna 2020

Gigacer at Architekt@Work Wien will introduce CONCEPT 1 – ALL IN ONE. A unique collection designed for every type of application. We are proud to invite

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Our ideas travel online!

Gigacer is a young company, which has made as its bulwark the innovation. We have always produced in the most eco-sustainable way that technology makes at disposal. From today, also our way of communicating will be eco-friendly. All Gigacer catalogues will be only available online, open and easy to download. A QR Code will make them usable in a simple and immediate way on all our merchandising elements. We are keen to demonstrate our commitment to the environment again, because we acknowledge the needs of this choice.

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