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Mediterranean taste

The taste of Aromas evokes elegant atmospheres, contributing to the cozy atmosphere of a comfortable living space, always mindful of design. The charm of terracotta floors, typically Mediterranean and welcoming, is brought to pleasant and minimalist surfaces to adapt to a new living style. Large surfaces, with astonishing shapes that create an original atmosphere thanks to their welcoming colors, simply natural, in a crescendo of intensity from the delicate Vanilla to the powerful Chili. Aromas evokes familiar memories and flavors without dwelling on tradition: the carefree domestic warmth is clearly hinted at in a material with an airy and informal appearance. It’s the combination of warmth and linearity that makes Aromas the collection that matches to the new purpose of home: the space that welcomes affections and comfort, habits, but is also capable of transforming into a space dedicated to work and professionalism.
Terracotta shades reinterpreted in a contemporary way are the ideal solution for floors and coverings; they lend themselves to an interior design that extends to the exterior, offering, for the first time, a slab format, complying with all the technical characteristics required for non-slip surfaces. Enriching the range is an innovative proposal of non-standard
formats (approximately 1 square meter area), the unconventional: Large Pentagon, Giga Hexagon, Gem Hexagon, Tangram, and Origami, resulting in unprecedented installations with an unusual effect. A shiny and fun pattern adds a surprising touch of flavor to offer more decorative surfaces, in chromatic continuity, suitable for floors and coverings. The precious decoration of a fascinating pattern

All sizes are available in matt, soft and R11 bocciardato surfaces. The only colour availbale in the R11 bocciardato surface is colour Masala. Textures are available in sizes 120×250 / 120×120 / 60×120 cm.

Available in 6 Colours
Available in 9 Sizes
Available in 2 Thicknesses
Available in 5 Texture
Available in 3 Surfaces
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