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Colourful boost

While the material nods to tradition, the forms playfully evoke natural movements, and the colors engage surfaces in a decorative play of waxy, silky, lacquered effects. Born from design and craftsmanship, Bamboo allows us to highlight our ‘made in Faenza’ soul. To recall our cultural and territorial roots, at Gigacer, we decided to propose an artisanal collection
that speaks of Faenza ceramics, a true zero-kilometer production. Ceramics are timeless and can be interpreted in all their evolutions in a contemporary manner, easily matching various styles in domestic and public settings. This led us to think that the minimal and neutral style of Gigacer’s porcelain stoneware could complement an artisanal and refined ceramic
product like Bamboo’s glazed majolica. The collection of three-dimensional 15×15 cm glazed terracotta tiles, comes in 20 colors. Soft tones alternate with more intense ones. Four different finishes: lacquered, silk, waxed, and crackled. A wide offering for different design needs. Monochrome and three-dimensionality combined with these finishes create delightful
plays of light, embellishing spaces with personality. The 1 cm thickness emphasizes the sculptural and decorative effect and can be finished with a simple and elegant profile, available in all color options. Bamboo is ideal for wall cladding and decoration. Warm colors for contemporary shapes and pleasant surfaces.

Some deformations, irregularities, impurities and accumulations of glaze created by the spatula are due to manual intervention and they are to be considered a value, making each piece almost unique.
CERATO – Mat and porous surface, also called “biscuit”, typical of ceramics after the first firing.
SILK – An effect of the matt glazed finish, that gives the surface a soft silk touch.
LACCATO – Almost mirror-like glossy surface, perfectly smooth and uniform throughout the tile.
CRAQUELÉ – It’s a particular glaze’s surface effect, characterized by small cracks caused by the difference of cooling support coefficients and of the glaze.

Colors and Surfaces
Available in 20 Colors and Surfaces
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