Inclusioni Soave

Five colours available: Bianco Perla, Ecrù, Tabacco, Cenere and Vulcano ranging from the white to black passing from a heated note of lionate. Inclusioni Soave has two thicknesses 12 and 24mm with three different surfaces: mat and soft especially used for indoor installations or partially covered environments. The third surface available is the bush-hammered, with the possibility of making the anti-slip, for design solutions for outdoor and uncovered spaces.


Inclusioni Extrafine

Five colours available: Bianco Perla, Ecrù, Tabacco, Cenere and Vulcano ranging from the white to black passing from a heated note of lionate. Inclusioni Extrafine is a 6mm thickness with two surfaces: mat and levigato. The low thickness allows an easy application of Extrafine in coatings or in cases of laying flooring overlapping the existing state, such as in restorations or renovations.


Brick Bar

A strong minimal connotation with a vintage look. The Brick Bar guarantees the industrial effect recalling the classic brick of the New York lofts, but it has an important and fundamental ease of installation. The 7.5x60cm strip structure is divided into four equal parts by means of a pre-incision designed to become a joint after grouting, forming metropolitan or domestic elements of space with a rediscovered taste on the wall but also on the floor, depending on the stylistic interpretations. Brick Bar is available in all Gigacer colours present with a 12mm thickness.

PlayOne Mosaics


The mosaic size of Gigacer resumes the strong passion of the company for the detail. Every Gigacer’s colour range has its mosaic sizes which allows to complete and enrich spaces with precious finishes, offering solutions for curved surfaces or emphasize certain projects. The textures of the mosaic in all the shades are the accent to the classic minimalism of the Gigacer collections and allow You to offer a unique chromatic palette in porcelain stoneware.

Gigacer Series Argilla


The rich choice of small shapes offers a clear synthesis of tradition and contemporaneity. Inside, Shapes includes a variety of polygons such as rhombuses, hexagons, pentagons, all modular between them. The different compositions are a perfect combination between the research of the decoration and a minimalist style with a material aspect.



Déco relies on the curved lines and floral details of an imaginary landscape, allowing the glass-like and translucent “ceramic” effect prevail. Déco is divided into three colour groups, defined according to three landscapes, each inspired by the tones that characterize it: Arctic, Mountain and Tropic.
A monochromatic slab with a neutral white background is presented too, a shade included in all three coloured options, which can be used in combination with the entire collection.

Blanc Chromatic Vision Gigacer


An original and elegant set of whites, whose unique shade of colour extends over six different surfaces in various shapes and thicknesses. It’s light and…

Gigacer Tokyo


It is the only representative example of Le Corbusier’s work in the Far East, and the New York Times review of its opening suggested that t…

Gigacer LCS2


Produced on a Beton Blanc support, it features linear bas relief engravings in the 6 LCS1 color shades: Gris clair 31, Bleu outremer 59, Ro…

Gigacer Beton


Taking inspiration from the many buildings designed by Le Corbusier where he used exposed concrete, Gigacer has created Béton Gris and Béton Blan…

Gigacer Series Concrete


Concrete, in synergy with Made 2.0, is a flexible ceramic system at the service of living spaces. It is the most complete color / surface combination palette in…

Gigacer Series Light


An innovative system of white porcelain stoneware materials, 4.8 mm thick, centered on light and on texture: LIGHT. It is light that transfor…

Gigacer Series Krea


Eight colours that interpret cements and coloured resins in a modern way. Krea range allows you to use bright colors and bold shades both in res…

Gigacer Series Quarry


In strict respect for the environment typical of Gigacer, a series inspired by the solidity and strength of natural stone. Quarry offers great versatility: w…