Our ideas travel online!

Gigacer is a young company, which has made as its bulwark the innovation. We have always produced in the most eco-sustainable way that technology makes at disposal. From today, also our way of communicating will be eco-friendly. All Gigacer catalogues will be only available online, open and easy to download. A QR Code will make them usable in a simple and immediate way on all our merchandising elements. We are keen to demonstrate our commitment to the environment again, because we acknowledge the needs of this choice.


Sanitize as many times as you want!

Gigacer slabs have been subjected to specific tests in order to verify the resistance to all the sanitizing agents promptly indicated by the Ministry of Health to sanitize the surfaces and make sure to eliminate any presence of the virus.
Therefore, we can confirm that walls and floors covered with our slabs can be also sanitized several times a day without a minimal altering of the characteristics they had at the time of the purchase.