IEMCA is a factory based int he industrial district of Faenza that managed to apply important innovations to the industry of the automated machines, exporting the value of Made in Italy in the world.
The company designs and manufactures automatic bar feeders since 1961 today it is the worldwide leader for every type of application for lathes, machining centers, grindings, gear cutters, and other types of machine tools.
A growth achieved thanks to the experience and organization skills of the working team. In this growing phase, IEMCA has decided to embark on an important structural investment, building new premises of over 5000sqm, and they have chosen Gigacer’s big porcelain slabs to cover the floors of the offices.
Workplaces are always spaces with different problems to be solved by design, the theme of work well-being is more and more relevant in modern society. Besides the excellent distribution of the rooms, the choices related to the materials then applied to the various places are fundamental.
The essential need for a workplace is to be welcoming and never suffocating. A working space that succeeds in enhancing the daily activity can increase the productivity of the workers. For this reason the guiding thread of the choice of materials was the search for products that, thanks to some peculiarities,
transformed the rooms into welcoming and warm places. It was important then to find a product that, even in more specific situations or difficult to design, could give the feeling of enlarging the spaces.
The perfect fusion of these needs has been found in the porcelain stoneware slabs in Le Corbusier collection, worldwide exclusive of the Gigacer.
In fact, the Molitor range makes it possible to use large 120x250 cm slabs also for the floor, combined with a range of colours that take as a base the warm color of the earth, enveloping the rooms in all their entirety. The color of the Molitor Ombre Naturelle Claire has resulted in a perfect match with the whole piece of furniture but above all with the wood paneling. The sum of the recall of the floor earth plus the natural colour of the wood has made the rooms warm and welcoming, and thanks to a careful study of the lighting never stifling or dark.