SACMI Project


What does it mean to do good architecture when intervening on an existing context? What does it imply, in particular, to do it for a company like Sacmi, rich in traditions, personal and professional events that have made the economic history of a territory?
It’s what A2 studio Gasparri and Ricci Bitti Architetti Associati of Imola asked themselves from the beginning, thinking and designing Auditorium 1919, a project born at the end of 2014 from the specific request of the client, Sacmi Imola, to create a multi-purpose functional space for any type of event, from internal training to meetings with businesses and citizenship, with cultural value and public benefit.
The answer given by Antonio Gasparri and Andrea Ricci Bitti is that, in the realization of this project, the quality of the result would basically depend on two elements: transparency and ... absence.
The absence of a clear division between the actual hall and the surrounding environments, for example. But also the absence of barriers to the outside, where they chose water as a positive element, a harbinger of good wishes. Hence the “connections” between the interior fittings, designed starting from shapes - such as polygons and horizontal lines, a limited chromatic range - and the transparency of the external structure, which allows natural light to give lightness and dynamism to the architectural volumes.
“Combining technology, functionality and performance with respect to the identity of the client is our philosophy. To elaborate a project with seemingly simple forms but a catalyst of attentions, where light and architectural volumes merge and confound, giving the structure dynamism and lightness, has been our challenge. We are not the first to affirm that, in designing a new building, much of the result is played in the ability to exploit the freedom of action of natural light. So we thought about the “textile walls”, inspired by the use of this extraordinary material - bubble-like air cushions defined by ETFE
fluoropolymer membranes - in the most modern and famous sports facilities in the world, such as the Allianz Stadium in Munich of Bavaria or the Sea World of Beijing, but also in avant-garde projects in the field of urban furniture (such as the coverage of the Old Port of Marseilles).
Appropriately attached to the iron structure and ‘inflated’ with compressed air, such membranes
allow to create covered spaces keeping the same light of the open spaces, with extraordinary performances in terms of resistance to weather conditions, ductility, durability over time, thermal insulation. Waterproof to UV rays, the membranes are also 100% recyclable at the end of their life cycle “
At the entrance of the Auditorium, the large white ceramic slabs of Gigacer (Light range) made it possible to brighten the exterior, reflecting the light coming from the green and the surrounding water. The Sacmi logo was printed with a digital machine of a neutral tone, right on the white of ceramics, evident but not intrusive, like the personality of a company that still maintains its original cooperative vocation.
Light is available in multiple formats starting from 120x120 cm, in 5 different surfaces but in a single color: pure white. An innovative system of porcelain stoneware materials focused on light and matter. It is the light that transforms the five material surfaces, enhancing their expressive variety. When white becomes a design requirement, Light is an intelligent answer to cover architecture in a flexible way.

Photography: Lorenzo Rinella
Project: A2 Studio – Imola – Antonio Gasparri and Andrea Ricci Bitti