Production site

The production plant has been specifically designed to produce big slabs, and it utilize the Continua technology by Sacmi. The Continua production line operates a pre-compacting operation of the multi-layer through-body slabs before pressing.

The decoration effects, characterized by a true deepness of design, are achieved without the use of glazes, but only with the controlled distribution of quality ceramics powder mixtures.

Gigacer’s production process foresees the preliminary production of one single format: big slabs 120x120 cm multilayer porcelain stoneware, that can be then cut, brushed and processed in various different sizes, preserving their quality characteristics.

This process allows huge flexibility in serving the market. While all colours are kept in the warehouse as semi-finished products, all different sizes can be cut even only when there is a specific request.

This allows short lead times for multiple sizes and modular layouts with the same batches.