Avantime: three new colours


AVANTIME is an innovative system of ceramic slabs based on colour: Chromatic Vision illustrates it through precise chromatic and tonal scales, while Inspiration Palette suggests original and varied combinations. Avantime by Gigacer offers the professional an unprecedented colour range that can be combined in multiple ways with the important system of shapes, thicknesses and surfaces designed for every use in architecture: Flooring and cladding - Residential and commercial spaces - Indoor/outdoor - Vehicle accessible flooring - Worktops - Ventilated fa├žades - Swimming pools & SPA.
With Gigacer Service, Avantime also means made-to-measure: bespoke sizes and ad hoc materials that interpret the project.
Three new colours to further expand the Avantime color palette. A bright grey, an absolute pure white and a deep, elegant black.