GIGACER was born in Faenza, the cradle of ceramics and cutting edge of industrial and crafting production technology in ceramic materials.

This territory contains the right environment and skills necessary to develop an innovative project in this industry, following the most strict regulations on quality and environment preservation.

Experience and technological innovation merge into a new way of producing ceramic tiles: flexible, with high quality and oriented to satisfy an everyday more demanding market.

This is our mission, the mission of a modern and innovative company, definitely Made in Faenza.

We work to improve your life respecting the environment

We pay close attention to:

  • the safety and comfort of our production staff;
  • the respect for the environment in and around the factory;
  • the safety of tile layers in the building site, which is guaranteed by the specially designed packaging that makes movement easier and that is completely recyclable.

We manufacture large porcelain slabs thanks to the application of advanced technologies, in accordance with the current European environmental standards (and often with even better results).

For this reason the engines are installed in soundproof areas, the lighting around the production area is low emission, there is an environmental monitoring in real time, the complete packaging (sidepack) uses minimum quantities of cardboard and, however, the material used for packaging is completely recyclable and glueless.

The new 4.8 thin slab is in fact the most advanced system concerning energy saving: it give us the possibility of manufacturing high quality porcelain stoneware tiles with a remarkable energy saving, both in firing and in transport.