Pure white, ivory and light clays are the most used colours in architecture; easy to combine, elegant and refined.

Pavimento ∙ Floor

Rope ∙ White Concrete
120x120 cm

Beige Concrete
Stripes Mosaic 30x60cm
Mosaic 30x30 cm
Action Mosaic 30x30cm

Pavimento ∙ Floor

White Concrete ∙ 120x120 cm

Parete ∙ Wall

Ice ∙ White ∙ Rope Concrete
Diamond 18x18 cm

Ice Concrete
15x60 cm ∙ 10x60 cm

Pavimento ∙ Floor

Rope Concrete ∙ 60x250 cm
White Concrete ∙ Stripe Mosaic 15x120 cm

Pavimento ∙ Floor

Beige Concrete ∙ 120x120 cm